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Our Roots.

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[CxT] Roasting company is a family owned small business specializing in specialty grade coffee and tea for both retail and wholesale.  All of our coffee is small batch roasted in house by our roastmaster, Tristan.  [CxT] Roasting Company is located in downtown Peoria, IL.  At this location is our roasting facility; a well equipped coffee bar serving pour over coffee, teas, and milk-based drinks; and a retail space with fashionable gifts and decor updated each season.  Walk-ins are welcome and we offer text/call ahead order capability.

Our Story:

[CxT] Roasting Company was established on August 02, 2016 when we signed a lease for our small shop in Peoria, IL.  Despite months of planning and strategizing, our call to action happened rather serendipitously when we chanced upon an available rental space in the heart of downtown Peoria.  I remember the nervous glances and sweaty palms as I put pen to paper, knowing that whatever the future held, we were now free to run as fast as we possibly could to bring our ambitions to fruition.  In some ways, our business started over 10 years ago with the vision and dreams of our mother.  In addition to her passion for the coffee, Kelly had the foresight to see that the specialty grade would eventually make its way into the consumer market.  However, a full time job and motherhood of three boys made the execution prohibitive.  It wasn't until Tristan returned from a three month work experience in Peru and made everyone in the family coffee using a "new brewing method", called a "pour over", that the idea of coffee as a business resurfaced.

Over a cup of coffee, roasted and brewed by Tristan, I sometimes reflect on how far we have come since that time.  I think back to the months of renovation we did ourselves: ripping out carpet, installing a new floor and ceiling, building walls and a coffee bar, and endless amounts of painting.  All the while, we researched roasting machines and equipment, traveled to Costa Rica to visit coffee plantations, and learned everything we could about this little seed in a matter of 6 months.  To me the most rewarding part was that we did it together as a family, and there is no way we could have otherwise.  All five of us bring unique skill sets and experience to the table, which will help us to be successful.

I will admit that I am continuously surprised by the amount of time and effort that goes into starting a business - especially when our business amounts to pouring hot water over some finely ground coffee beans.  However, when you visit our shop, and drink our coffee, I am convinced you will truly enjoy the manifestation of all our passion and effort in a single cup.

Mitchell - Founder

Mission statement:  We endeavor to roast great coffee; with so many origins to explore, let the adventure begin.

Business philosophy:  Ichi-go ichi-e (一期一会 "one time, one encounter").  The circumstances and environments in our lives are constantly changing.  In light of this, we embrace each day for unique experience it offers.  Coffee is a dynamic plant with numerous variables affecting the flavor profile.  Moreover, each time the coffee is roasted and brewed, the variables will never be 100% controlled.  Therefore every cup of coffee is once in a lifetime.

Our Brand:

Our moniker, [CxT] (pronounced: "see-ex-tee"), is an acronym for "Coffee by Tristan."  Our principle differentiation in coffee is thanks to the individual talents of our roastmaster, Tristan.  It is also the foundation upon which our business is built.  Our promise of quality is backed by Tristan's passion for the roasting process, and his unrelenting drive for excellence in the cup.  The responsibility of this promise is bolstered by putting his name on every bag.

The square brackets used in our branding represent our principle business philosophy and mission statement - to make coffee as great as it can be.  In their typical use-case, the square brackets indicate that the author has modified a text in order to provide clarification, context, or editorial.  In much the same way, by virtue of the roasting process, Tristan manufactures the flavor profile in each coffee, giving context and nuance to each origin.  No two coffees are the same; in fact, even on the same plantation there will be variation from harvest to harvest.  By manipulating the roasting conditions, Tristan works with each crop to bring out its true characteristics and potential.  Effectively he has "bracketed" the coffee.


     Coffee by Tristan               [CxT] Roasting Company

Quick Facts:

  • Name:  [CxT] Roasting Company
  • Established:  August 02, 2016
  • Location:  309B Main St. Peoria, IL 61602
  • Organization:  Privately owned family business (5 members)
  • Telephone:  +1 (872) 333-2987
  • E-mail (general inquiry):  mail@cxtcoffee.com
  • E-mail (sales):  sales@cxtcoffee.com
  • Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/cxtcoffee/
  • Instagram:  cxtcoffee
  • Twitter:  @cxtcoffee